Saturday, September 8, 2012

WEEK 10: Inventiveness

What are the things that we have to do to enhance our creativeness? All of us has our own creativeness but not all of us are using it some doesn't discover it yet but others are doing their best to improve their creativeness. There are many ways on how we can enhance our creativeness: First, Research any and every topic you have an interest in. this step is really a big help for us because it can teach us many things that we doesn't now. Second, ask help for the professionals they can teach us, they can help us to improve our weaknesses. Third, we have to have wide imagination. Fourth, avoid thinking of creation if we are stressed because it can't help us to think a very creative work if we are stressed so we have to be relaxed. Fifth, practice, practice is the best way to improve our creativeness. For me, I don't believe if others say that I'm not creative, I know all of us has our own styles, even thou you are not good in drawing you can still use you creativeness in other way.
All of us are creative we can practice if are not good at it. Before I forgot, this is another important thing to enhance our creativity is to be CURIOUS. If we are curious we do our best to discover what's with it. and MISTAKES helps us to improve our self if we made our mistakes don't give up instead tell yourself to do more better than that. I know you can do it. Be a dreamer and Be Creative.

~Avon Isleta