Sunday, August 19, 2012

WEEK 9: All about Sharing..

Blogging? What is this all about? Is this Important? To be honest I'm not interested with blogging because for me it was pretty boring, I don't even know what is it before, when my sister was creating her blog I told her, what was that all about? that's boring, She answers me no this is not boring. Then when I started using Blogspot and posted different topics, I started to understand what is blogging and its effects. Well all I understand from now is that blogging helps us to lessen our problems because through blogging we can post there what is inside of us and ask an advices to different people but then in blogging we also have limitations on what are we going to put in our blogs we have to think also the message of our posts if it is good or bad to other people. Blogging also helps us to be more fluent in speaking in English :) Blogging helps us also to socialize with other people. Through blogging other people can see who we really are and on what kind of our background is we belong. That's why blogging has limitations and we also still need to have our own privacy.
 Well for me blogging is all about sharing , and new generation is already engaged with this, not only blogging but also the other types of social networks, you can understand the importance of this if you are open-minded because other people doesn't understand what's with this blogging our the message of the blogger . And as a blogger we have to know our limitations and before I forgot blogging is not about making other people impress but to express yourself. THANK YOU and GOD BLESS US ALL ♥

Signing out...

Saturday, August 11, 2012

WEEK 8: New Media

What is the effect of New Media? New Media really change our lives or should I say our daily living. Today all of us are now using internet, some of us spend 24 hours in front of the computer. But how can they spend 24 hours in front of the computer? because using internet we can connect with our friends we can also see them through the use of internet , we can make friends, socialize with other people, and with the use of internet we can discover something new it helps us to have wider knowledge. Using internet has good and bad advantages. Good advantages it helps us to make our work more easier, it helps us to socialize with other people and help us to discover something new or something that we don't know. Bad advantage it makes us lazy. For me, internet is really a big help and it helps me to fight for being bored because internet gives me enjoyment and relaxation.
Using the New Media we can gather different kind of information, we can also express our feelings through the use of new media. and with the use of new media we can communicate with other people through the use of mobile. and we can use new media for the photo sharing, etc. New media has good and bad effects. Good effects is that it helps us to explore new things. bad effects are having hackers etc. well that's all I can say.. hope you enjoy reading my blogs.. God bless us all.

Signing out....

Friday, August 3, 2012


What to do on rainy day?? Most of us says that rainy day is boring very very boring, but I think It's true but there are times that I do love rainy days because all I did during rainy day is sleeping, eating and surfing the net sometimes but more on sleeping because the weather is cold. And there are times also that I just listen to music because the sound of the rain is irritating sometimes. and I think there's one time that I do study or read books when it's raining and I do clean whatever I saw dirty haha!! that was the effect of raining on me it makes me crazy and there are times that I look every drops of the rain. and I do help my mother when she's cooking even thou I don't know how to cook -_-" sad to say but it's true but then I wanted to learn how to cook because my mother and father are very good in cooking and then I do watched television . you have seen or read that I don't mention the internet that much it's because when it's raining our connection is very slow that's why I choose not to use the internet because it will just make me mad. :)) and I do texting also even thou there are times that there's no SIGNAL -_-
I remember my childhood days when it's raining I felt really sad because I cannot be able to go out to play with my friends so I asked my mother if  I can play with the rain that time I felt really happy and I really enjoyed the rain but now at my age I do hate to get wet in the rain and I never go out when it's raining because my feet might get wet and my shoes also and my hair will get messed that's why when it's raining I choose to stay at home and do whatever I like :)) and then I tried to search if what do they do when it's raining it says that you can play board games, recognize something, make a planner, look for your new hobby, cook, make a new recipe, etc. After I look for that in the Google I have noticed that there are so many things that we can do when it's rainy day but then we choose to make ourselves to be lazy and get bored.

-Avon Camile Isleta
MMA 1-1